Karin Herzog Skincare

Doctor Paul Herzog, a renowned scientist from the Nobel Institute in Stockholm remains the first and only scientist to date, to successfully stabilise a vital source of energy for our skin cells. Increasing the Energy within the skin by increasing Oxygen pressure, means you will not only provide the skin with raw power to boost cellular re-generation, but you will also give it back the power to absorb and utilise these vitamins etc.

The Karin Herzog products are a breath of new life, energy and essential raw materials which are all recognised, needed and utilised by the skin, empowering it to produce outstanding and sustainable results on even the most sensitive of skins.

Research by Dr Paul Herzog (Founder of Karin Herzog) shows that from the age of 14, we get a decrease in the amount of Oxygen pressure under the facial skin. By the time we reach 24 it can have dropped to 70%, but still remains higher on the rest of the body. The older we get, the less Oxygen we have available and we lose the capacity to effectively distribute Oxygen around the body and our skin deteriorates.

The most dramatic Oxygen decrease is seen in the skin of the face and hands.

This is due to a slowing down in capillary activity which weakens the skins natural nutrition process and slows cellular regeneration. Circulation is never very good in the capillaries, but as we age, they become less permeable and therefore allow less Oxygen and nutrients into the skin.

By the age of 24, the walls of our capillaries, that feed the nutrients to the skin become thicker as toxins build up from pollution and our diets. Karin Herzog’s Oxygen Therapy deliver the anti-bacterial properties of Oxygen gas, that penetrates through the skin to spring clean skin deep down and destroy the bacterial toxins clinging to the capillary walls. The water then helps to flush the toxins into the lymphatic system to be carried away. For every molecule of Oxygen in the Herzog products, there are 2 molecules of water.

Karin Herzog formulas work on two levels:

  • They spring clean and detox deep down, allowing the bodies natural delivery system to the skin to work more effectively.
  • They deliver Oxygen, vitamins, glucose and water directly into the skin.